2019 WASA Winter Conference

January 28 | Seattle Airport South

Chris Burton, Executive Director of Compliance and Legal Affairs, Issaquah School District

Jake Kuper, Chief of Finance and Operations, Issaquah School District
Budget Parameters Presentation
Enrollment and Demographics Presentation
K–3 Class Size Presentation
Levy Planning Presentation

Files linked in Jake Kuper's Presentation Files
Budget Parameters
Levy Authority with LEA
Levy Authority without LEA
Local Revenue Defined
OSPI WAC Revisions
Pre-Ballot Approval
Worksheet in K–3 Class Size
Worksheet in Levy Planning

Evaluation Results

 Excel files were downloaded in a previous version of Excel for publishing on the website. If you have any difficulties with the files, please contact Jamie Chylinski at jchylinski@wasa-oly.org for assistance.