Workshop Resources

Session 1 | October 14, 2019
Web Template
Written Responses
Continuum of Learning-Focused Conversations
Powerful Question Planning Sheet
Leadership Framework Changes
Criterion 1 New Framework
Criterion 1 Old Framework
Supts Planner Excerpt
Changes to TPEP
Putting the G in TPEP
Ed Eval Survey
Evaluation System Element 1
Work Action Plan
Practice Courage Chapter
Book Excerpts

Session 2 | February 25, 2019
PPT Presentation
Chad and Nate
Nina and Marc
Dare to Lead
Strategic Notes
Mentoring Matters Page 73
Mentoring Matters Page 129
Toolkit Element 3
Try This
In the Best Interest of Students by Kelly Gallagher 

Suggested Reading
Breakthrough by Michael Fullan
Learning to Improve: How America's Schools Can Get Better at Getting Better by Anthony Bryk

Session 1 | October 22, 2018
CCC Chart
Helping my Mentee Throughout the Year
Putting the G in TPEP
Save the Last Word for Me
WAC Change
WASA Mentors Presentation
Rochester SD Strategic Plan
Lencioni Activity
Jigsaw Description
Wait What Packet
LFS Continuum
Criterion 5
Criterion 2
Four A Protocol
Planning Questions
MM Page 30
Enumclaw's Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan Chart
Mentor Log
Possible Actions
Wait What Banner
Spider Web

Session 3 | March 11, 2018
Embrace Authenticity
Marketing Your Strategic Plan
TPEP Data Questions
Mentoring Presentation

Session 2 | January 27, 2018
Powerpoint Presentation
Evaluation Toolkit Element 1
Chad and Nate
Nina and Marc
Mike Nelson Handouts
Try This

Session 1 | September 26, 2017
Powerpoint Presentation 
AWSP Leadership Framework Criterion 5
WASA Central Office Leadership Framework Criterion 2
Superintendent Evaluation Excerpt
Leadership Observation and Support Cycle
Learning-focused Supervision Continuum
Mentoring Matters Template
Planning Questions and Prompts
Text Rendering
The Advantage Excerpt
Padlet Responses

Additional Mentor Resources and Master Copy Files
Mentor Meeting Log
Possible Actions 
Mentor Calendar of Activities