2017–18 Goals and Action Steps

Cultivate transformative, equity-driven leaders to ensure each student in every school and community is college, career, and life-ready.

Action A: Recruit, mentor/support, and retain effective leaders who represent the student demographics of Washington State.
Action B: Provide targeted, quality professional learning.
Action C: Promote engaged leadership with education associations, agencies, and WASA regions benefiting from shared knowledge, understanding, and interests.
Action D: Support systems-level improvement through collaborative inquiry and learning.

Develop and sustain trust to further the cause of equity and excellence in public education.

Action A: Build, through presence and shared voice, relationships with diverse stakeholders to promote equity and opportunities.
Action B: Mobilize WASA members, state agencies, educational organizations, and other stakeholders through collaborative actions that support equity and access in public education.
Action C: Communicate with a unified message on the value of an equitable, world-class public education among the 295 diverse school districts and WASA partners.

Champion the fundamental role of public education in an inclusive democracy.

Action A: Actively support districts and local communities to eliminate opportunity gaps and provide equitable access for each child. 
Action B: Cultivate ongoing relationships with legislators to influence education policy for equity of access and opportunity based on the expertise of district leaders.
Action C: In a unified, compelling voice, hold the Legislature accountable for delivering on the state's "paramount duty" to provide ample funding for all K—12 children.
Action D: Actively influence federal policy to positively impact each student.