2016–17 Goals and Action Steps

Identify and develop knowledgeable and effective leaders for the success of each child, school, and community.
Action A: Identify, facilitate, and provide innovative professional learning to support effective educational leadership.
Action B: Promote systems-level improvement through collaborative inquiry.
Action C: Promote engaged leadership with education associations, agencies, and WASA regions benefiting from shared knowledge, understanding, and interests.
Action D: Recruit, mentor/support, and retain effective leaders who represent the demographics of Washington State.

Develop and sustain trust through positive relationships, effective communications, and collaboration to further the cause of public education.
Action A: Initiate strategies and maximize opportunities to maintain a high profile in local communities, counties, ESDs, and at the state level.
Action B: Create urgency and avenues among WASA members, state agencies, educational organizations, and other stakeholders for collaborative action.
Action C: Create a unified voice on the value of quality public education among the 295 diverse school districts and WASA partners.

Champion the fundamental role of public education in the preservation of democracy.
Action A:Cultivate ongoing, year-round relationships with legislators to promote education policy and statute based on the expertise of district leaders and evidence-based practices. 
Action B: In a unified, persistent voice, hold the Legislature accountable for delivering on the state’s “paramount duty” to provide ample funding for all K–12 children.
Action C: Actively influence the implementation of ESSA to positively impact student success.