The days of focused negotiations for a single employee group during a specific season of bargaining is over. Maintaining positive and productive relationships with all groups throughout the year has become critically important. This year’s ERNN Conference theme is “Bargaining 360” reflecting the need for ongoing communications, contract maintenance, and preparation for bargaining year-round with all employee groups. 

This year’s conference is organized around both certificated and classified tracks, focused on the unique needs of both. Attendees will engage with other district leaders to develop ongoing strategies aimed at keeping employee and district interests in balance which is critically important given the employee shortages and the need to attract and retain a highly effective work force. Adding to the mix are the implications of the McCleary lawsuit, and potential changes in statutes affecting employee compensation and health benefits creating a sense of urgency among employee groups to maximize compensation and benefits and “lock them in” before changes are enacted. 

Join your colleagues at this year’s ERNN conference and “gear up” for 2017!