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“It is my honor to serve as the 2022–23 President of the Washington Association of School Administrators. I believe in WASA’s commitment to quality education through Leadership, Trust, and Advocacy. These are urgent times filled with the opportunity to build on the collective insight and wisdom we have gained over the last two years. 

Through WASA’s collective and collaborative approach, our nearly 2,000 members have access to support from each other. This kind of professional networking and support is more important now than it has ever been. WASA recently launched an Educational Equity Statement that centers cultural competency, diversity, equity, and inclusion to "create systems and equitable learning environments where each and every student can learn and achieve their educational goals and aspirations." I encourage you to lean on the WASA team and your colleagues across the state as we continue to meet the needs of the dynamic and evolving landscape of public education in Washington State.

Thank you for your selfless leadership and passionate dedication. My belief is that a listening ear, an open mind, and a strong voice will serve us well as we repair and restore the spirit of administrators across the state who have been the heroes of this moment. I look forward to serving you as we unify, recover, and achieve in the new world that waits for us post COVID-19."

                                                                                                           —Michelle Whitney, Superintendent, Pasco School District; President, WASA 

Member Types

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Active Member Eligibility

Active membership is open to those currently serving as full- or part-time school administrators. Active WASA members receive all association services including voting privileges.

Active Member Dues

Active member dues are based on three-quarters of one percent of the previous year's salary. First-time active member dues are calculated using the current salary.

Please contact Lisa Gehman at or 800.859.9272/360.489.3640 with questions.

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Active Member Benefits

WASA places a high priority on supporting its members 24 hours a day. The executive staff are experienced, professional colleagues who are available to advise members on personal and professional matters in all situations related to their roles as education leaders. WASA is dedicated to meeting the needs of its members by offering active members the following benefits/services:

Advice and Legal Counsel
WASA will provide the counsel of qualified, experienced administrators to active members who face a problem or potential problem related to his or her professional assignment. WASA's executive director will arrange for confidential assistance. 

Legal Services
WASA active members have a $1,000,000 Educators Professional Liability Policy to protect them in the legal situations they face daily. Sponsored by WASA, the policy is available at no additional cost to active members and can be increased to $2 million at a nominal fee.

Active members are also eligible for legal assistance with due process, contract rights, and other issues related to their professional assignment. WASA's contribution for legal assistance is up to a total of $3,000 per individual member. Upon approval by the executive director, initial counsel with a WASA-recommended attorney is $500. The remaining $2,500 must be approved by the WASA Professional Standards and Ethics Committee. 

For each year of uninterrupted membership, joint WASA/AASA active members may be eligible, through AASA, for an additional $1,000 in defense expense reimbursement up to $10,000 with the $500 deductible paid by WASA.

You must call WASA before you call an attorney. Reimbursement shall not be provided for legal services obtained prior to contacting the WASA executive director.

Ethics Assistance
The WASA administrative team is available to provide advice and counsel for active members on ethical issues they may encounter as a result of their district or professional responsibilities. WASA provides the networking capability within the organization or in concert with other agencies to assist school districts or members in problem resolution.

Conflict Intervention
Conflict intervention among parties within school districts is sometimes needed. Teams composed of representatives from WASA, WSSDA, and AWSP are available to assist in diffusing conflicts between board/superintendent, board/staff, or board member/board member and to recommend positive alternatives.

Contract Review
Whether negotiating a new employment contract or updating an existing one, WASA provides contract evaluation and recommendations to support active members in a variety of employment positions.

WASA provides peer mentors for all new superintendents. Mentors for any new or experienced WASA active member will be appointed upon request.

Career Counseling
Confidential and professional support is available for active members with assistance in their career paths, employment opportunities, and contract development.

Retirement Counseling
WASA staff members can assist active members in preparing for retirement.

Click here  to download our Professional Assistance Form. 
To seek assistance, please contact Joel Aune, Executive Director.

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"WASA is an amazing opportunity for Washington’s school administrators. Our organization is a turnkey wealth of resources and support for administrators in every stage of their careers. When you are a member of WASA, you part of a network of leaders focused on equity, leadership, and advocacy for the schools that ultimately serve our students. It is like having a full-time back office that truly cares about the success of your school systems. I sincerely believe in WASA and those that make up its memberships! We look forward to welcoming you to this great network of leaders.”

                   —Dr. Joey Castilleja, Superintendent, Mabton School District; WASA Membership Committee Chair

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