The 2021 Legislative Session will look differently than anything we have ever seen before, as legislators move to a mostly “virtual” session. What will not be new is the ongoing concern about education impacts from legislative decisions. With a potentially difficult state fiscal situation, budget reductions will be contemplated—and K–12 education will not be exempt from the conversation.

Amid a pandemic which will present unique challenges to legislative engagement, it will be essential for education leaders to actively participate in the legislative process to ensure our needs are not forgotten. Additionally, it will be critical, perhaps more than ever before, for education leaders to speak with one voice. The WASA • WSSDA • WASBO Legislative Conference is your opportunity to hear updates on our shared legislative priorities, the current education policy landscape, and how to effectively advocate for our needs. We encourage you to join your colleagues for this important event.

The conference will be held via Zoom on February 21, 1–5 p.m. Regional Planning Meetings (to prepare for meetings with Legislators) will take place March 8–12, and the Week on the Hill meetings with Legislators will be scheduled via Zoom the week of March 15–19. 

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