WASA Corporate Partners Program

The WASA Corporate Partners Program was initiated with the intention of furthering the mission of WASA by providing additional capabilities for enhancing services to its membership. The program offers a planned opportunity for partners to participate with continued recognition and visibility throughout the year at WASA functions. WASA applauds the willingness and initiative of business and for-profit organizations to partner with and assist in fulfilling WASA goals as we meet our educational objectives.

Although it is anticipated the program will mutually benefit WASA and its partners, membership in the program does not establish an endorsement of a partner's products or services. The WASA Corporate Partners Program is set up with a four-tier structure offering Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver Partner levels of support. Diamond Partners offer the highest level of support to WASA through unique sponsorships of special activities, awards, and scholarships. Diamond Partners provide support through more traditional avenues as well, such as sponsoring speakers and dinners for professional learning events. 

Become a Corporate Partner

For information about becoming a WASA Corporate Partner, or to offer sponsorship of a professional learning event, please contact:
Mike Nelson, Assistant Executive Director

Joel Aune, Executive Director