For decades, WASA professional learning has come in the form of conferences and workshops. During the last several years, we have incorporated cohorts of learning academies connected to our components (Aspiring Superintendents Academy, Early Career Superintendent Academy, Mentor Academy, and Special Education Director Academy) which have met during the year reflecting and studying as leaders in public education. These opportunities to gather and learn together as members of WASA will continue!

In addition to the great learning listed above, WASA, in partnership with Solution Tree, created WASA PLC at Work Project. This three-year statewide project is designed for district leaders to engage deeply in the PLC at Work process to address issues of equity and to ensure that all students learn at high levels.

The last year has been challenging. Despite the heroic efforts of educators throughout the state, the inequities present in our systems seemed to be exacerbated by the pandemic. Virtual learning and our need to adapt quickly revealed that all students didn’t have access to the same high-quality education. Through the WASA PLC at Work Project, we will be intentional in making sure our learning efforts are targeted and result in a positive impact for all students. 

The goal of the project is that districts work smarter, not harder.

Many hours have been spent by top experts to design an effective and engaging professional learning plan for Washington superintendents and their district leadership teams that will generate positive results. The work will be highly customized for each district based on size and need, with options designed for the smallest districts to the largest and all those in between.

Active recruitment is now underway for the 2023–24 Cohort III. Click here to find out more information or call Lacy Waltermeyer at 360-480-7944 to learn more about how you can participate in our next cohort of PLC at Work schools and districts. Read this letter from WASA Executive Director Joel Aune to hear about the importance of this program. 

2022–23 Workshops for Cohort1


NOVEMBER 14, 2022 
Featuring Marie Nielsen

JANUARY 17, 2023

JANUARY 18, 2023

FEBRUARY 16, 2023

MARCH 3, 2023

APRIL 18, 2023


DECEMBER 9, 2022


MARCH 8, 2023 | Virtual | 4 – 7 p.m. 

2022–23 Workshops for Cohort 2


AUGUST 10, 2022 
District Assessment, Data Portrait, and Tech Site to House the Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum with Janel Keating and Meagan Rhoades

AUGUST 11, 2022
From the Boardroom to the Classroom Overview with Janel Keating

SEPTEMBER 21, 2022
What is the Work of a Collaborative Team in a PLC at Work with Janel Keating

OCTOBER 4, 2022
Critical Question #1 – Essential Standards, Learning Targets, and Pacing with Paula Maeker

JANUARY 10, 2023
Critical Question #2 – Assessment with Kim Bailey

FEBRUARY 15, 2023
Critical Question #3 – Additional Time, Support, and Extensions. RTI/MSS with Mike Mattos

MARCH 3, 2023
Introduce Unit Planning with Maria Nielsen

APRIL 3, 2023
Introduce Effective Reporting and Grading with Tim Brown

MAY 23, 2023
Build an Inclusive and Healthy District and School Culture with Anthony Muhammad


OCTOBER 12, 2022
Determine Essential Standards for Math with Timothy D. Kanold and Mona Toncheff

OCTOBER 28, 2022
Determine Essential Standards for ELA with Mark Onuscheck and Jeanne Spiller

DECEMBER 7–8, 2022 

Unwrap Standards into Learning Targets with Paula Maeker


SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 | Virtual

5 on-site days for large districts; 2 on-site days and 3 virtual sessions for small districts to:

  • Determine essential standards for ELA and math
  • Unwrap standards into learning targets
  • Systems (time for collaboration, establishing additional time and support period, etc.)


View the project overview Zoom recording.
View the general information flyer.
View the three-year project outline.

Contact Mike Nelson, Assistant Executive Director, WASA at 253.508.0192 or mnelson@wasa-oly.org with questions about the project.