Central Office Leadership Framework 

The Central Office Leadership Framework represents the work of dedicated administrators from WASA’s Instructional Program Administrators Component (IPAC) which began in 2010. The purpose of this document is to provide a framework for defining roles and responsibilities for district administrators, which align with Washington State’s new teacher and principal evaluation process. The framework supports a shift from central office departments working independently, toward collaboratively working together to develop assistance relationships with principals and schools. Current law for evaluating administrators does not require the use of this framework, the rubrics or a rating system (RCW 28A.405.100). However, this document may serve as guidance as districts begin to transition to a professional growth system for all educators.

District COLF Tools

Arlington Public Schools
Leadership Framework Instruction and Learning
Leadership Framework Operations

Everett School District
Executive Director HR
Executive Director Finance & Business Services
Executive Director Special Services
Associate Superintendent Curriculum Assessment
Associate Superintendent Teaching and Learning
Assistant Superintendent Teaching and Learning
Executive Director Facilities and Operations

Highline School District
Cabinet Evaluation Form Chief Academic Officer 
Education Resource Administration Center Administrator's Evaluation Form 

Lake Washington School District
Goals for Professional Growth and Plan for Action and Evidence Collection
CLT Goal and Action Plan Form
CLT Professional Growth and Evaluation Handbook and User's Guide
CLT Professional Growth and Evaluation Summative Form

Orting School District
SIRS Article by Marci Shepard: Supporting the Professional Growth of Central Office Leaders
Inquiry Cycle Graphic
Cycles of Inquiry
Self Assessment
Inquiry POP and TOA
Determining a Leadership Focus
Determine a Leadership Focus
Analyze Impact Conversation
Sample COLF Summative Rubrics
Summative Scoring

Puyallup School District
Form 6 Instructional CMT Comprehensive Evaluation
Form 6 Operations and Management CMT Comprehensive Evaluation
Framework for Instructional Central Office Leadership
Framework for Operations and Management Central Office Leadership

Woodland Public Schools
Central Office Comprehensive Summative Scoring Document
Classified Administrator's Comprehensive Summative Scoring Document