Management Reviews

The overall objective of a Management Review is to provide expert assessment of all aspects of school district management—the results are designed to be both an in-depth analysis of what is and a blueprint for what can be. Management Reviews are conducted by review teams of recognized, expert practitioners in consultation with school district administration.

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Management Review Brochure (

Benefits include:
  • An independent analysis of all major functions.
  • Objective evaluation of the effectiveness of various offices, departments, and programs.
  • New ideas and innovative methods for performing key operations.
  • Identified savings that can be achieved.
  • Comparative analyses for the district as to how it measures against standards applicable in the field.
  • A picture of effectiveness of administrative and internal controls.
  • A practical, utilitarian view of how well school district management supports schools and the instructional program.
  • An accurate analysis of the district's legal compliance with major requirements
  • A thorough analysis of governance functions with recommendations for improvement.
Modules include:
  • Administrative Services
  • Business and Operations
  • Teaching and Learning