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School Information and Research Service (SIRS) was issued its Articles of Incorporation by the Secretary of the State of Washington on February 5, 1959. Since that time, the corporation has evolved into a service governed by a board of 15 representatives appointed by each of the nine Educational Service Districts and six professional associations, (AESD, WASA, WSSDA, AWSP, WASBO, and School Information and Research Service). The need for a service that provided current research data relating to administrative responsibilities in Washington State public schools and authorizing school districts to pay for such services was recognized by the legislature in 1975.

RCW 28A.320.110 authorizes school districts to become members of a non-profit organization whose principal purpose is to provide information on school organization, administration, operation, finance, and instruction.

School Information and Research Service members include Washington State public school districts, educational service districts, and public educational management/leadership associations on the SIRS Board. The annual fee for school district membership is based on the school district's student population. Association members pay a flat fee.

All communications, publications, and access to online products are sent directly to the school district superintendent or to the association CEO. He or she determines how SIRS publications/products will be distributed.

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Andy Wolf, Executive Director
Heather Chard, Executive Assistant
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