Washington State Leadership Academy

Our Purpose

The Washington State Leadership Academy (WSLA) is focused on higher student achievement for every child by:

  • Engaging school administrators in transformative leadership practices.
  • Building and supporting strong, effective teams to solve complex issues related to teaching and learning.
  • Heightening education leaders' awareness and ability to self-assess the personal characteristics and practices that lead to high-performing organizations.

The Academy Believes

  • Transformative leaders can build collaborative learning systems that promote powerful teaching and learning practices.
  • Improved student achievement for all students will be the result of systems that keep learning for every student as their central work.

Program Delivery

  • District-selected leadership teams will join with other districts to form Leadership Learning Teams, which will attend Academy seminars within their ESD region throughout the year.
  • Academy staff and coaches will organize and facilitate seminars.
  • Coaches will support each team's work by spending time in the districts and schools.
  • Job-alike learning opportunities, as breakout-groups from district teams, will be provided.

Contact Information

Washington State Leadership Academy
1021 8th Avenue SE
Olympia, WA 98501

Sharon Bower, Director

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