2021 WASA WSSDA WASBO Legislative Conference

February 21  | Zoom

Dr. John Draper, Keynote
Student Photos 

Emily Makings, Washington Research Council
State Budget Presentation

Legislator Interviews
Senator Lisa Wellman
Senator Brad Hawkins
Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos
Representative Alex Ybarra

Student Advocacy
Shreya Mehta, Richland School District
Finn O'Donnell, Port Townsend School District
Sierra Owens, Riverview School District
A'Jahlei Rideb, University Place School District

Hot Topics
The Hot Topics are an agreed upon set of legislative priorities for the conference. We know there are hundreds of issues attendees could address with legislators; however, we encourage you, as you engage with legislators in concert with your regional colleagues during the coming Week on the Hill, to focus on these common priorities. Certainly, you are encouraged to engage in the legislative process on your own, advocating for your district priorities, but the power of this conference is speaking with one voice. There are two versions of the Hot Topics (via links below).

The large Hot Topics includes the three conference priorities with background information and context, so you have a better understanding of the issues.

This small Hot Topics is a shorter document that summarizes our specific requests of legislators. This will help you to focus your messaging, but also can be used to send to legislators as a follow up to your conversations.