Conference Program

UDLize Your Leadership to Transform Teacher Practice | KC Knudson

Paul Bloomberg Resources | Paul Bloomberg; Rachel Fairchild
Fostering Collective Efficacy to Maximize Impact | Peter DeWitt; Jenni Donohoo

Outdoor Schools WA PowerPoint | Outdoor Schools WA
Keynote with Luis F. Cruz | Luis Cruz
Concurrent Session I

This Coaching Light of Mine, I’m Gonna Let It Shine! | Jill Masa

Handout: AlphaBoxes
• Handout: Improving Teaching Practice
• Article: Why nourishing the whole teacher is one of the critical issues in education

• Culturally Responsive Formative Assessment for Student Growth Goals: What, Why, How | Katie Taylor; Serena O'Neill; Maja Wilson

Unpacking the Critical Attributes of Student Growth through Kristin
Understanding Kristin's Resistance
WASA Summative Assessment

• Growing, Supporting, and Sustaining Your School Leaders | Scott Seaman; Gina Yonts; Scott Friedman
• Can You Hear Me Now? The Building Blocks of Effective, Inclusive Communication | David Morrill
AWSP Leaders of Color Network | Kamrica Ary-Turner
• When Data Meets Determination: Leadership Moves to Increase Student Belonging and Inclusion | Beth Bourque; Jeremy Sullivan
Become a Next Level Leader! | Ashley Barker; Jenni Donohoo; Peter DeWitt; Mike Nelson; Kim Fry
The Value of Work | Becky Wallace 
• Eliminating the "Cracks": Identifying and Supporting Student Needs | Erich Bolz; Martin Brewer; Michelle Olsen; Rhonda Kromm
• All Roads Lead to Agency and Dignity: Equitable Foundations to Strategic Leadership | Aaron Lee; Edward Hatzenbeler; Cliff Fries
• Effectively Integrating School Improvement, MTSS, and Student Support | Sandy Gessner-Crabtree; Mona Johnson; Kristin Schutte 
• A Decade of Growing Teacher Leaders: Fellows, Fellows, Fellows | Michael Nerland; Jack Arend; Jennifer Ireland; Ellen Ebert; Kristin Monson
• Bargaining in 2023! | Warren Hopkins
• The Promotion of ‘Third Spaces’ As My Way to Meet Basic Social And Emotional Needs of Students | Oscar Harris

Concurrent Session II

• Building a Student Support Ecosystem Through After School Enrichment | Kate Vincent; Kelly Boynton
Supporting Children with the Highest Behavioral Needs | Darcy Johnson; Anna Troutman
• Creating a Community of Belonging through Inclusive Mission and Vision and TIER 1 Foundations | Cathi Davis, Principal; RinaMarie Leon-Guerrero; Cassie Martin; Christina Nowak
• From Listening and Learning to Strategic Action: Using Street Data to Inform Strategic Planning | Ivan Duran; Carrie Howell; Erinn Bennett; Jennifer Reinig
• What’s Race Got to Do With it? | Jamila Gordon; Maria Serka
• How and Why Dual Language Can Transform Schools | Kristin Percy Calaff; Rob Darling
• Addressing Equity of Access in EdTech for All Districts | Travis Rush; Bre Urness-Straight
• Teaming: Your Anchor for MTSS | Sandy Gessner-Crabtree;Tori Hazelton; Solina Adelson-Journey
• Literacy Instruction in MTSS: Connecting Dyslexia Legislation and MTSS | Alicia Roberts Frank; Rebecca Estock

Dyslexia Guide

Concurrent Session III

Illuminating The Way for Student Growth — Leadership Practices For Engaging The Revised Student Growth Goals With Teachers | Katie Taylor; Mark Gardner; Ann Gray

• Student Growth Goals: General Guidance
Student Growth Goals: Promoting Reflective Conversations
• Student Growth Goal Rubrics

• How Inclusionary Practices, Equitable Grading, and Course Flexibility Support Every Learner| Alexandra Toney; Cassie Martin; Kim Reykdal; Erin Furda
• Strategies to Translate the Essential Elements of the Science of Reading into Instruction for ALL Students (ELL,Title/LAP, Special Education, Highly Capable) | Lori Toth; Kelly Cloud
• Telling Your Financial Story| Kris Grindy

• Sample Board Budget Development Calendar

• Establishing a Culture of Dignity and Belonging—Quantifying the Impact of our Efforts | Omar Escalera
Equity Through Connection | Jennifer Tenney; Curt Guaglianone; Julie Schillreff
• Transitional Kindergarten—Exploring Innovative Approaches to Serve our Youngest Learners | Jon Ram Mishra; Samantha Bowen; Latisha Conley
• How the Heck Does Special Education, 504, and MTSS Work Together??? | Nicholas French; Holly Samuelson

Concurrent Session IV

• Supporting the Well-Being of School-Level Staff Through Leadership | Joel Aune; Leila Nuland
• Everyone Can Use Some R&R | Julie Shultz-Bartlett; Julia Muneshige; Ashley Swindahl
• Bites and Snacks! Maximizing Student Voice and Engagement in Schools! | James Layman

• BSM Update
• School Culture Inventory
AWSP Framework 

• Kick-Start Your Own Elementary Student Leadership Team | Chris Plucker; Mark Ferraro
• Implementing with Intention A Student Growth Goal Learning Network | Jennifer Ireland; Steve Schreiner
• Creating a Culture of Belonging and Purpose for Each Learner | Mary Templeton; Aaron Hansen
• Reexamining Time School–Life Balance | David Hornak; James Pedersen; Jon Ram Mishra
• WIAA as an Educational Partner | Mick Hoffman; Doug Burge
• Regulate, Relate, and Reason: A Foundation for Success | Laura Ketcham-Duchow; Nick Edwards

Handout: Regulate, Relate, and Reason: A Foundation for Success


Keynote with Janel Keating
Concurrent Session V

• State Learning Standards Review Update | Becky Wallace; Jon Ram Mishra; Sue Anderson; Shelly Milne; Kara Todd
• Slowing the Game Down: Becoming More Intentional in Your Use of Time |Alexa Allman; Chuck Salina; Suzann Girtz
• 2023 Legislative Recap | Dan Steele
• Split Personalities — When Two Elementary Schools Share an Associate Principal | Nick Davies; Anna Supplee; Mark Jordan
• From Exhaustion to Innovation: Increasing Improvement After Covid | William Rasplica; Stephanie King; Susan Ruby; Tania May; Suzanne McKibbon; Haley Maxfield; Rebecca Lockhart; Kindra Hibbard

PowerPoint 1: WA AIMS
PowerPoint 2: Deer Park SD

• Using Strategic Scheduling to Improve CCR in Washington State | Steven Gering; Scott Friedman
• Building Academic Success by Embracing Culture | Jeannine Medvedich; Nancy Nelson
• No Place for Hate Schools | Laurie Lynch
• Principal Induction: Building a System to Grow, Support, and Sustain School Leadership | Gina Yonts; David Kennedy; Mira Gobel
• Improving Student Outcomes Through Co-Teaching and Co-Planning Inclusive Service Delivery Model |Heather Chase; RinaMarie Leon-Guerrero; Mary Douthitt; Sue Rees
• The Intersection of Safety & Student Mental Health: Which Way do You Turn? | Jennifer Tripp; Iva Scott; Patty Glaser; Lee Baird
• Getting that Next Administrative Job You Really Want! | Thomas Rockefeller; Wayne Robertson; Mark Venn; Sergio Hernandez; Bill Jordan
• Sustainability Planning and Carbon Benchmarking | Jessica Sankey; Greg Baker; Mark Peterson; Gretchen Pflueger

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