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WASA is proud to announce a partnership between BTS Spark and WASA to provide 
One-to-one Personalized Leadership Coaching
for Educational Administrators in Washington State

From May 2023, and continuing through the next school year, the partnership between BTS Spark and WASA will see BTS Spark’s professional coaches providing one-to-one personalized leadership coaching for educational administrators. This partnership seeks to grow and develop the leadership skills of school and district leaders across Washington state.

“Leadership is contextual,” says Sean Slade, co-Head of BTS Spark, North America, “which is why a personalized approach to leadership development is so needed.”

“Mindsets influence behavior and it’s not unusual for a school leader’s fixed-mindset to prevent them reaching their full leadership potential. Our coaches are highly skilled at identifying these mindtraps and supporting leaders in developing strategies to address them. We look forward to helping WASA members grow their leadership styles throughout the process.”

Joel Aune, Executive Director of WASA adds, “During these times of uncertainty, having leaders who are dynamic yet empathetic is critical to the success of our school communities. The BTS Spark mindset curriculum focuses on these all-important human and transformational aspects of leadership.”

Read the press release here!

Reach out to BTS Spark about your needs or the needs of leaders in your school district. Make sure to mention “WASA” in your reach out.
Email: alyssa.gallagher@btsspark.org
Phone: 203.391.5222 (office) 858.699.4347 (cell)

View this PowerPoint document to learn more about this partnership!
This Handout from Superintendent Conference 2023 offers more information!

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