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Julie Jungalwala: It is Time to Unleash Human Potential at Scale

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Connie Hamilton: Finding Your Wise Mind
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Come join us for WASA’s Winter Virtual Conference entitled Unleashing Potential in Ourselves and Others featuring Connie Hamilton, Julie Jungalwala, and Jeff Snell. This morning will be facilitated by Kim Fry and Mike Nelson. Please take a moment to read about the content of the session as well as the biographies for these amazing individuals. We hope you will “click” the registration link and sign up for this great morning of learning!

Finding Your Wise Mind: Connie Hamilton

When someone takes action or makes decisions while in an emotional mind, it doesn't always prove to be the best option. Likewise, relying solely on logic and rational thinking can elicit emotions in others, causing the situation to worsen. A leader who can find their wise mind, is one who considers both emotions and reasoning in intense situations. Learn how to soothe an emotional mindyours or someone else's, and how to find a Wise Mind that is more mindful about the best solutions to your biggest problems.

It is Time to Unleash Human Potential at Scale: Julie Jungalwala
This session presents a roadmap to reinvention that unleashes individual passion and purpose. Through engaging human stories and actionable frameworks, it inspires listeners to act and empowers them with hope and the power of possibility. Frameworks include the predictable stages of human reinvention and the critical actions that will support and even accelerate your progress. These frameworks are brought to life through inspirational stories of people who successfully reinvented themselves inside and outside of their organizations, created a renewed sense of their own purpose, the life that they are here to live, and the greater possibility that lies within all of us—waiting to be unleashed.

A Metacognitive Approach: Jeff Snell
Throughout the morning, Jeff will share his approach to learning at this Winter Conference and how what he has learned will impact his own leadership and the leadership with the people he serves.

These three unique speakers whose important content doesn’t normally share a stage together, will share important insights and strategies for successfully leading and working with your team and community. Our hope is that as a participant, this conversation will support your reflection and provide you with next steps for work you lead in your schools, district and community.

Connie Hamilton has served many roles in over two decades as an educator. She has been an elementary and middle school teacher and instructional coach. As an administrator, Connie held positions as a principal at both the elementary and secondary levels and a central office curriculum leader. Her experience in these positions fueled a passion for supporting high quality instruction.

Engaging, thought-provoking and useful are words used by participants in Connie’s workshops She provides actionable tips that even the most seasoned teachers find fresh and relevant. She understands that teachers benefit from modeled practices they are learning. So, Connie practices what she preaches by offering high quality learning experiences that are engaging and practical. Educators leave motivated to put their new learning into practice tomorrow. Her keynotes inspire audiences to rethink their views on instruction and bring life and meaning to research-based methods.

As an expert, author, speaker, and advocate for the cause of human potential, reinvention, and success in the workplace, Julie Jungalwala, a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is a transformative force, helping individuals and organizations discover workforce resilience, purpose, and productivity. Julie is co-founder and president of Academic Leadership Group, has served as a TEDx speaker, Harvard Division of Continuing Education instructor, and author of the acclaimed book The Human Side of Changing Education.

She is the recipient of the Donna Elder Inspired Leader Award (DEILA) and the Harvard Hero Award for outstanding contributions to the university. Born in Northern Ireland, Julie now lives in the greater Boston area with her husband, Jay, and their five-year-old, Teddy—her greatest teacher yet.

Jeff Snell, Ed.D., has more than 28 years of experience in education. Dr. Snell’s career includes 18 years in Vancouver Public Schools where he taught secondary math and served as associate principal and principal at McLoughlin Middle and Fort Vancouver High School. He was principal at Fort Vancouver from 2007 to 2011. Prior to returning to Vancouver, Dr. Snell served as superintendent of the Camas School District where he supported the successful passage and implementation of multiple levies and bonds.

His experience also includes teaching in the education leadership programs at Concordia University and Washington State University Vancouver. In addition, Dr. Snell has held several leadership roles related to evaluation, professional growth, and technology. He serves on the board for the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession and mentors other superintendents through the Washington Association of School Administrators.

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