2020 WASA Women in Leadership Conference Resources

Women in Leadership Zoom with Molly Carroll

2019 WASA Women in Leadership Conference Resources

Welcome, Purpose, and Introductions
Helene Paroff

Where Are All the Women Superintendents? 

Lessons from the Field Discussion Group Activity
Dr. Glenys Hill

Self-Care Plan

Women Share Wisdom: Dr. Brené Brown Reveals the Qualities of a Leader

Lean In: 50 Ways to Fight Bias
Moderator Guide & Speaker Notes
Participant Handout

Iceberg Culture/SID Wheel

Evaluation Results

2018 WASA Women in Leadership Conference Resources

Introduction and Activities
Helene Paroff, Assistant Executive Director, WASA

Attributes Activity Handout


Keynote Highlight Slides
Julie Stapp, National Director of Leadership Development, Flippen Group

Suggested Reading

Send your reading recommendations to Jamie Chylinski at jchylinski@wasa-oly.org. Recommendations will be posted as they are received. 

"The Ethics of Educational Leadership"
Author: Ronald W. Rebore

"The Heart of Learning and Teaching"
Ray Wolpow, Mona M. Johnson, Ron Hertel, Susan O. Kincaid

"A Gathering of Wisdoms"
Jennifer F. Clarke

AASA Video Series

Women in School Leadership: Navigating Pathways to the Superintendency

Women comprise more than 70% of the education workforce, but few occupy the top leadership position in U.S. public school systems. This inspiring video series provides a firsthand account of the leadership journeys of nine women superintendents who have made it to the top job.

  • Learn about their journeys–the successes and challenges and how they overcame them to secure the superintendency.
  • Gain insights, life lessons and practical tips and advice to help you nail the top leadership job.
  • Discover proven strategies to help you break through barriers and navigate pathways to success.

To watch the videos, visit the Women in School Leadership Initiative resources page at www.aasa.org/WomenInSchoolLeadershipResources.aspx.

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