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Welcome to the AI Prompt Library, your go-to resource for harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to enhance your work as an educational leader. Our library is designed to support you with a wide range of prompts tailored for various AI Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, Claude, CoPilot, and Gemini. Whether you're crafting communication, developing curriculum, or planning strategic initiatives, you'll find prompts here that can help you achieve your goals more efficiently.

Key Information

Responsibility and Accuracy
Using AI effectively requires diligence. As you explore and utilize the prompts in this library, it is your responsibility to carefully review the AI outputs. Ensure the content is unbiased, accurate, and aligns with your intended tone, style, and voice. The ultimate goal is to produce work that supports your overarching objectives and maintains the highest standards of quality.

Refinement is Key
AI-generated content is a starting point, not a finished product. Prompts are meant to be refined, so we encourage you to revise, revise, and revise again. When you perfect a prompt to suit your needs, consider sharing your refined versions with the community through the "Contribute" link on the homepage. Your contributions can help fellow educational leaders achieve similar success.

Model-Specific Performance
It's important to note that some prompts may perform better with specific AI models. ChatGPT, Claude, CoPilot, and Gemini each have unique strengths and characteristics. Experiment with different models to find the best fit for your needs, and don't hesitate to adjust prompts to optimize their effectiveness with each model.

Explore, experiment, and elevate your educational leadership with our AI Prompt Library. Together, we can innovate and inspire through the power of artificial intelligence.


Self-initiated email:
You are a ________ [insert your title/role].
The tone of the email should be [insert tone you desire — formal, conversational, friendly, invitational, etc.) .
Please write an email to ______________[insert their title/role of the email recipient].   
The email must include________________ [insert pertinent information].
The primary purpose of this email is to [insert your main goal].

If you have a specific length or email you’d like, specify it using a word count or descriptor such as short, 2-paragraph, etc.

Response to an email:
You are a ________ [insert your title/role].                                                    
Please respond to the [attached or email below].
The tone of the email response should be [formal, conversational, friendly, invitational, etc.)               
The email must include________________ [insert pertinent information].
After the receiver reads the email response they should feel [valued, heard, prepared, informed, etc.]
Upload or copy and paste the body of the email to which you are seeking a response.

Social Media Posts

Please create a list of ____[insert a number] possible _______________[Tweets, Facebook posts, School Messenger, Remind, ClassDojo] for the purpose of _______________________________________________________________[inviting community to an event, sharing good news, highlighting student learning]. Here is the key information__________________________________________[insert who, what, where, why and when, tie to the district’s or school’s goals, etc.].

Newsletter Article

Please write an article for a ______________[school/district] newsletter on the topic of _______________[insert topic].                                                                            
The primary purpose of this article is to _____________________________[insert your main goal].                                                                                                   
The primary audience(s) for this newsletter is ___________[parents, retired community members, business owners].                                                                           
Here is the key information_______________________________________[insert pertinent information].                                                                                 
The article should be no more than ______[#] words.                                               
The reading level of the article should be____[#] grade.                                    
The article should tie to goal {[#] of our strategic plan which is ________________

Attach Strategic Plan and any other pertinent documents.

Report Generation

You will act as an expert report writer to help me create a report to [school board/ grant funder/OSPI]. The purpose of the report is to ________________           
The tone of the report should be _________________________[formal, semi-formal, etc.]                                                                                                                                                 
The length of the report should be____________[word count or number of pages.]
The report should include the following sections:

  1. Executive Summary: ________________[Insert purpose, key findings and recommendations]
  2. Introduction:  Provide an overview of the report's purpose and _____________________.
  3. Actions Taken: Describe the actions taken to so far_________________ [insert actions]
  4. Analysis/Data Comparison: Compare the baseline data and current date.
  5. Then disaggregated the data by [grade, gender, and race/ethnicity]. Use tables or charts to present the data clearly.
  6. Key findings: Offer key findings.
  7. Recommendations: Offer recommendations for next steps.
  8. Action Plan: Develop a sample action plan.
  9. Conclusion: Provide a concise summary of the report.
  10. Appendices: Identify the data that should be included in the appendices.

 Attach pertinent documents.

Summaries and Checklists

Please carefully read the attached document. Summarize the key points that are pertinent to _____________[teachers, school-board, principals, students, parents] a bulleted list.
Attach pertinent documents.

First, carefully read the attached document. Next, create a prioritized checklist of actions that need to be taken as a result of the contents within the document.
Attach pertinent documents.

Agenda Generation

You will act as an expert meeting planner to help me create a comprehensive agenda for a ________________[staff, cabinet, parent, curriculum, PTA, labor management, etc.] meeting.                                               
The agenda should include key sections such as objectives, discussion points, time allocations, and any necessary materials, preparations or facilitation processes.
The main goals and outcomes of the meeting are__________________[What do you want to accomplish?].
The following topics and issues need to be prioritized or addressed in detail_________________[list].
The participants will be _______________________[roles].
There will be ___[#] participants.
Specific points of view on the agenda items will include _____________________________[Describe the range of perspectives]. 

Teach Me Prompts – Learning Sparks and Memory Joggers

Teach me how to  __________[topic] by asking me one question at a time about my level of understanding of necessary concepts. With each response, fill in gaps in my understanding, then recursively ask me more questions to check my understanding.

Explain how ________ works to a ________[insert descriptor ex. 5 year old, someone with a 6th grade reading level, to my grandma].

Teach Me Prompts – Learning Sparks and Memory Joggers

I’m writing an article on________[topic] for __________[audience].
The primary goal is to ________________________[desired outcome] and the secondary goal is to ___________________[additional desired outcomes].                
The output will be around ____[#] words.                                                                       
What questions do you think I should try to answer in this article to make it most effective?

I want you to act as a crisis manager. Please formulate a response plan to backlash from a controversial policy change. Also detail how to address concerns from different stakeholders.

I'm a school district superintendent who will be hiring a new elementary school principal. You are a hiring specialist for a world-class talent search firm. Please review the interview questions below. Then provide three suggestions for how the questions could be reworded for greater clarity. Next, provide six additional questions that require the applicant to apply their knowledge of responding to post-pandemic school challenges.

I’ve written _______[an email, report, letter, etc.] for the purpose of ______________________ [goal]. You are a _______________ [role/title] with a long track record of success. Read the attached document and give 5 points of feedback or questions you’d ask to strengthen the communication.

Help me prepare for a difficult conversation with __________ [title/role] about [context] by generating a list of questions I could use during the conversation.

Provide a summary of the pros and cons of implementing ___________[describe the initiative and context.]

Generate strategies for maintaining trust and reputation during and after a crisis, including public relations considerations.

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