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WASA Project Staff

Mike Nelson, Project Manager

Mike will provide programmatic and fiscal oversight to the project and serve as liaison among the Project Director, Advisory Board, and other partners as appropriate. | 360.489.3640

Helene Paroff, Project Director

Helene is responsible for planning and managing, along with WASA project staff, all aspects of professional learning and support activities. | 509.953.9512

Jamie Chylinski, Project Coordinator
Jamie will coordinate and/or oversee project elements including communications, database oversight, logistics, onsite coordination, and budget oversight. | 360.943.5717

Project Leads
Ann Almlie, Eastside Project Lead
Angela Johnstone,
Eastside Project Lead
Carolyn Lint, Westside Project Lead
Nancy Meeks,
Eastside Project Lead
Mary Wilson, Ed.D., Westside Project Lead
The Project Leads will assist district teams through the process in increasing student outcomes. The leads will have extensive knowledge of special education, serving students in the least restrictive environment, and administrative experience.

Project Evaluators
Dr. Kathy Shoop, Dr. Rick Eigenbrood, Evaluators
The evaluators will conduct through project evaluations based on the project goals.