This professional learning opportunity has been designed as a self-contained series of virtual and in-person learning opportunities. The purpose is to help ANY leaders, those previously in the ILN and those who have not been in the ILN, who would like to expand their own leadership capacity and to intentionally implement the work of teaching and learning in their district.
The academy will be comprised of a series of six 90-minute virtual workshops throughout the 23–24 school year with an overall focus on strengthening instructional leadership and nurturing collective efficacy. Additionally, members will have the option to register for two in-person statewide conferences in the Fall, 2023 and Spring, 2024.
Our learning will be facilitated by our project partners, Dr. Peter DeWitt and Dr. Jenni Donohoo. Both Jenni and Peter are internationally recognized learning facilitators and have forged meaningful professional relationships with leaders of teaching and learning from across the State of Washington.
LEARNING CONTENT Self-Awareness in Leadership • Nurturing the Conditions for Leadership Efficacy in your District  • Intentional Implementation • Decluttering your Practice • Engaging in Initiatives and Strategies that Result in a Transfer of Learning

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