You design your adventure by picking the sessions you would like to attend. With a multitude of sessions available throughout the month of June, we are sure you will find at least one that speaks to you. Register for one session or more, the choice is yours!

To help you navigate the new offerings and prepare for registration, we have compiled a “learning destination map” and key to all the sessions— complete with speaker names and session titles and descriptions.

Click here to view/download the Junetastic Learning Adventure map.

Although most of the sessions are “standalone” offerings, here are a couple exceptions to take note of as you plan your adventure:
 The Trailhead learning destination gives you access to the June 1 (Dr. Hattie), June 28 (Jeffrey James Binney), and June 29 (Dewayne “D.J.” Batiste) keynotes and the association awards luncheons on June 28. This package is noted with the coral icon in the map and is clearly designated in registration.

The UW SMART Center is bringing three sessions to you focusing on effective school mental health. You have the option to register for the Full Series at a discounted rate, or by individual session if you aren’t participating in the full series. In registration select either the Full Series or select your individual sessions, all listed by date and title.

In registration, you will automatically be registered to receive complimentary access to view “Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER: Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience,” the next timely and powerful Screenagers film by Dr. Delaney Ruston. The link to register for your screening pass is included in your event confirmation.

Registration for the following sessions includes a book, as noted below, to support your learning:

Δ  Learning Destination #1: Leading Impact Teams: Build a Culture of Efficacy registrants will receive a copy of Dr. Bloomberg’s book (same as session title).
Learning Destination #3: Leading PLCs at Work Districtwide—From the Boardroom to the Classroom | Chapter 2: Setting the Stage—The Administrative and Principal Team registrants will receive a copy of “Leading PLCs at Work Districtwide: From 
    Boardroom to Classroom.”
Δ  Learning Destination #7: Envisioning a School Where Everyone Belongs registrants will receive a copy of “Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity.”
Δ  Learning Destination #10: Black Magic: What Black Leaders Learned from Trauma and Triumph will receive a copy of Chad Sanders’ book (same as session title).

Districts can use TPEP iGrant 664 funds for registration! Refer to the OSPI Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program email delivered February 24.
Being virtual provides travel, meal, and housing savings that you can invest in registration!

Pricing varies by session as noted in the map. Discounts are offered for WASA and AWSP Student/Aspiring/Life/Emeritus members and are also noted in the map.

Registration Login Information
WASA Members
Login: Your email
Password: Your existing password

AWSP Members
See the registration announcement email delivered April 1 for your login information.


When your registration is processed you will receive a Zoom link for each session purchased. For the Trailhead purchase, you will receive three keynote session Zoom confirmations, a WASA  Luncheon confirmation (if applicable), or instructions to register for the AWSP Luncheon (if applicable). Please note that your Zoom link can not be shared and you may only access the sessions via one device. 

Cancellation fees (below) apply to cancellations after May 14. No refunds after May 31. No Show = No Refund. The sessions will not be recorded. 
• Trailhead Destination Cancellations: $75
• Learning Destination 1: Leading Impact Teams: $35
• Learning Destination 2: Instructional Leadership: $35
• Learning Destination 3: Leading PLCs at Work Districtwide: $35
• Learning Destination 4: Leading Restorative Practices: $35
• Learning Destination 5: UW SMART Center Series on Effective School Mental Health: $75
• Learning Destination 6, 8, 11: UW 
SMART Center Series Individual Sessions: $25 per session
• Learning Destination 7: Envisioning a School: $75
• Learning Destination 10: Black Magic: $35

Contact Lisa Gehman at or 360.943.5717 with registration questions or to make changes to an existing registration.
Contact Mike Nelson at 253.508.0192 or or Jamie Chylinski at with event questions.