Next Level Leaders: Washington State's Premiere Leadership Academy

Next Level Leaders is Washington State’s Premier Leadership Development Academy dedicated to preparing leaders to conquer complex challenges through the development of a two-year learning community.

Next Level Leaders is designed to focus on individual and system leadership behaviors and actions essential for success in our rapidly changing educational environment.

Next Level Leaders is committed to assisting educational administrators to thrive in their role.

In March 2020, educational leaders across Washington entered a new dawn of leadership. In this era, leaders must quickly adapt how schools operate, communicate in a timely and transparent manner, unify stakeholders, build a culture of inclusion and belonging, and nurture the talents of the students and the staff we serve. The landscape of school leadership has shifted. Next Level Leaders is a response to that shift.



What Is the Structure of Next Level Leaders?

  •  Two-year model consisting of six learning terms. 

  •  Each term (August–December, January–March, and April–June) will build on one another.

  • An in-person event will be held each term, with only one occurring during the student school year. 

  • Online sessions will be customized to support the learning between the in-person events.

  • Opportunities for additional regional collaboration will be encouraged.

  • Optional low-cost, confidential, on-line personal leadership coaching available. 

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Who Can Be a Part of Next Level Leaders?

  • Individual Leaders who are members of AWSP or WASA and have been an educational leader for a minimum of three years (Principals, Assistant Principals, Central Office Administrators, and Superintendents) at a rate of $600 per year—which includes all meals and a travel allowance for the June in-person event.

  • School district teams of AWSP and WASA members for a team of five at a rate of $3,000—which includes all meals and a travel allowance for the June in-person event.

  • Representation from each ESD region.

  • Limited to 200 participants with applications available in the late spring.

Contact Mike Nelson, Kim Fry, or Jack Arend with questions about Next Level Leaders.

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Next Level Leaders is a partnership of AWSP and WASA with Legislative funding.

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