2024 Hotline

Shaun Carey on Trust
Stanwood-Camano Equity Symposium
Alan Spicciati on Equity
Art Jarvis on 59 Years in Education
Purple Star District Award Recipients
Saying Goodbye to Mike Nelson and Andy Wolf
Natalie Plott, Staff Spotlight

Purple Star District Award
Lake Stevens Equity Work
Embracing AI Together
Ryan Hickerson, Staff Spotlight
Meet the Candidates

Cultural Competency with Touchet SD
AI Initiatives with Peninsula SD
Bellingham PS Inclusionary Practices
School Board Orientation
Shawna Kiliz, Staff Spotlight

2023 Hotline

Fostering Belonging
Next Level Leaders
AASA Governing Board
Kaley VonVolkli, Staff Spotlight

WASA Region Highlights
Honorary Awards
Inclusionary Practices
Reflections from Retiring Superintendents

A Message from President Michelle Whitney
WASA Region Highlights
The Lighthouse Effect by Steve Pemberton
Legislative Update by Dan Steele
Award Nominations

WASA President-elect Candidates, Bob Maxwell and Kevin McKay
Kim Fry, Employee Spotlight

Call to Legislative Action by Joel Aune
Cultural Competency, a Catalyst for Educational Equity by Trevor Greene
2023 Legislative Call to Action by Dan Steele
Importance of Advocacy by Mary Templeton
WA Superintendent of the Year, Adam Swinyard
Memories of Past Executive Director, John J. Fotheringham
Bella Troiani, Employee Spotlight

2022 Hotline

President Michelle Whitney Message
Executive Director Joel Aune Message
Neural Education with Kathi Weight 
WASA Awards Timeline
Mike Nelson, Employee Spotlight

Message from Joel Aune and Outgoing President Aaron Leavell
Inclusionary Practices Project
Beyond the Pandemic
Legislative Outlook
Summer Conference Photos
Andy Wolf, Employee Spotlight

President Aaron Leavell Message
Equity Statement
The 2010s
The McCleary Decision
President-elect Candidates

Executive Director Joel Aune Message
President-elect Candidates
The 2000s
The Long Road to Simple Majority

President Aaron Leavell Message
The Value of Trust
The 1990s
Board Nominations Open
2022 WASA Awards

2021 Hotline

Superintendent of the Year
The Value of Leadership
The 1980s
2022 Legislative Session

A Look Back to Look Ahead with Aaron Leavell
Celebrating 50 Years of WASA
The Late 1970s
Professional Learning Updates
2022 Superintendent of the Year Application


2021–22 WASA President Candidates
WASA 50th Year Anniversary
State Awards
Professional Learning Updates
2022 Superintendent of the Year Application

Component Election Results 
2021–22 WASA President-elect Candidates'
Professional Learning Updates
Leaders Workshop 2021


Seeking Nominations for WASA Board of Directors' Positions 
Dr. Michelle Reid 2021 Superintendent of the Year 
WASA Statewide Award 
Legislative Podcast

2020 Hotline

WASA Legislative Podcast
Nominations Requested for 2020–21 WASA President-Elect
2020 Legislative Conference and Day on the Hill
With Sincere Appreciation to WASA’s 2018–19 Corporate Partners and Event Sponsors

Gallagher Howard M. Coble Scholarship for Under-Represented Educational Leaders 
Public Schools Week—February 24–28
Washington Student Achievement Council: FAFSA Completion Initiative
Registration is open for the 2020 WASA Superintendent Conference! 

WASA Leaders Workshop
2020 WASA Honorary Awards Nominations are Now Being Accepted
WASA/AWSP Summer Conference: Register and book your housing!
Washington State Leadership Academy: Data Tells the Story

2020 Legislature Adjourns
WASA Honorary Awards Suspended Until Fall
Professional Learning and Academies Updates
Around the State: Celebrating Great Work in School Districts

WASA Mentor Academy and Early Career Superintendent Academy
WASA Leaders Workshop 2020
2020–21 WASA President-elect Candidates' Biographies
Event Calendar

WASA 2020 End of the Year Celebration
WASA President-elect Campaign
2021 Washington State Superintendent of the Year (SOY)
WASA President-elect Candidates' Reception

WASA President-elect Campaign
Meet Michael Nelson WASA's New Assistant Director of Professional Learning
WASA Honorary Awards to Relaunch Nominations
Register Now for Leadership Amidst Uncertainty with Moe Carrick

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