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Leadership Framework Highlights

AWSP Leadership Framework for School Leader Evaluation
The AWSP Leadership Framework was designed to promote the growth of school leaders in the areas that are most likely to result in increased student achievement. It directly aligns with Washington State evaluation criteria, rules, and regulations.

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Central Office Leadership Framework
The Central Office Leadership Framework represents the work of dedicated administrators from WASA’s Instructional Program Administrators Component (IPAC) which began in 2010. The purpose of this document is to provide a framework for defining roles and responsibilities for district administrators, which align with Washington State’s new teacher and principal evaluation process.

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Superintendent Resources

The Superintendent Handbook is provided as a collaborative effort between WASA and the nine Educational Service Districts (ESDs) to provide valuable information and guidance to superintendents as they navigate the many facets of district leadership.

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Incoming Superintendent Resources
Welcome incoming superintendents! Ease your transition into your new role by fully utilizing WASA—your professional association—and capitalizing on the network of colleagues within the organization. WASA's purpose is to to provide leadership for student learning and to assist in the development of competent, ethical, and visionary leaders. This resource page will be updated as new resources become available.

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Search Consultants
View and reach out to Superintendent Search Consultants.

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Emerging Topics

Equity and Racial Justice
View, learn about various key findings about Equity and Racial Justice.

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Coronavirus and Pandemic Resources
View various updates, reports and resources related to COVID-19 and how we can keep our schools safe.

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Serving Students with Disabilities Amidst School Closures
Watch a Zoom call led by Glenna Gallo, Assistant Superintendent, OSPI who talks about Serving Students with Disabilities Amidst School Closures.