WASA Professional Assistance Program

Professional Assistance Program Brochure

WASA places a high priority on supporting its members 24 hours a day. The executive staff are experienced professional colleagues who are available to advise members on personal and professional matters in all situations related to their roles as education leaders. Through the WASA Professional Assistance Program, active WASA members are eligible to access: 

WASA will provide the counsel of qualified, experienced administrators to any member who faces a problem or potential problem related to his or her professional assignment. WASA's executive director or designee will arrange for confidential help.


  • Upon approval by the executive director or designee, initial counsel with a WASA recommended attorney is $750.
  • The remaining $2,250 must be approved by the WASA Professional Standards and Ethics Committee.
  • For each year of uninterrupted membership, joint WASA/AASA members may be eligible through AASA for an additional $1,000 in defense expense reimbursement up to $10,000, with the $750 deductible paid by WASA.
  • Call WASA before you call an attorney! Reimbursement shall not be provided for legal services obtained prior to contacting the WASA executive director or designee.

    ETHICS ASSISTANCE In 1999, the WASA Board of Directors adopted a Code of Ethics to provide guidance to WASA members. The WASA administrative team is available to provide advice and counsel for members on ethical issues they may encounter as a result of their district or professional responsibilities. WASA provides the networking capability within the organization or in concert with other agencies to assist school districts or members in problem resolution.


    Conflict intervention among parties within school districts is sometimes needed. Teams composed of representatives from WASA, the Washington State School Directors' Association, and the Association of Washington School Principals are available to assist in diffusing conflicts between board/superintendent, board/staff, or board member/board member and to recommend positive alternatives.


    Whether negotiating a new employment contract or updating an existing one, WASA provides contract evaluation and recommendations to support members in a variety of employment positions.


    WASA provides peer mentors for all new superintendents. Mentors for any new or experienced WASA members will be appointed upon request.

    For assistance, please contact:

    Andy Wolf, Assistant Executive Director, awolf@wasa-oly.org, 360.489.3646