2020–21 WASA Goals and Action Steps

Approved by the WASA Board of Directors, October 5, 2020
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Cultivate transformative, equity-driven leaders
to ensure each student in every school and community is college, career, and life-ready.

Action A: Recruit, support, and retain effective leaders in all district level positions who represent the student demographics of Washington State.
Action B: Design and deliver professional learning in a format that best supports individual and systems-level improvement and furthers equity and excellence for our students.
Action C: Promote engaged leadership with and among WASA members in order to share knowledge, learnings, and expertise.

Develop and sustain trust to promote equity, accessibility, and excellence in public education.

Action A: Build strong relationships with and among WASA members and other stakeholders to develop and sustain a shared voice in support of our public schools.
Action B: Mobilize and provide support for WASA members, state agencies, educational organizations, and other stakeholders to provide equitable access to Continuous Learning opportunities and programming for each child that eliminates opportunity and achievement gaps.
Action C: Communicate with a unified message among WASA members, partner organizations, and the general public regarding the value of a world-class public education that is equitable and accessible for all.

Champion the fundamental role of public education
 in an inclusive democracy.

Action A: Cultivate ongoing relationships and engagement with legislators and other policymakers to influence legislation and education policy for equity of access and opportunity for each student.
Action B:  In a unified, compelling voice, hold the Legislature accountable for providing consistent and equitable resources to all school districts that will positively impact opportunities and learning for each student.
Action D: Actively influence federal policy to positively impact each student.