Workshop is free to the fifth participant. However, if not a member, the participant must pay the $50 membership fee. $10 for student teacher/intern principal.

Before the training, please complete the participant information form

Complete the PDF form and fax to 360.352.6873 or email to

 WSASCD Members  $245
 Workshop Attendee  $295*
 Undergrad/Student Teacher/Principal Intern          $175*       

*Includes membership in WSASCD for one year.

Funding source information:

Public Schools. Eligible for for Title and School Improvement funding source under: Title I (K-5 Educators, Secondary Math Educators, Secondary Literacy Educators), Title II (Educators engaging in this workshop to help all students develop the skills essential for learning readiness and academic success), and Title IV (Elective Teachers participating in this workshop to support a high quality, well-rounded education for all learners).

Private Schools. Talk with your public partner about accessing Title II funds for this workshop opportunity.